Attractive Cotton Pareos

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Cotton Pareos

We offer an extensive range of exquisitely designed cotton pareos and sarongs  that is superlative quality beachwear manufactured and  fabricated by us. Available in various colors and designs, our range of Ladies Pareos has perfect cut and finish. Our range of cotton pareos which is also known as ‘Sarongs’ can be availed at industry leading prices and can be customized as per the specifications provided by our clients.

Cotton Pareos – A brief history

Before we tell you about our expertise, let us take some time out to learn about the history of these legendary textiles which we call “cotton pareos”. In the ancient Tahitian language, Pareo is the word used for a skirt that is worn by simply wrapping it around the body. Back in the days, this word was exclusively used for the skirt wrapped around by women, while men wore something called a loincloth called the maro.

Trends have changed now as they always do, in today’s world, Pareo is worn both by men and women. A Pareo or Pareos refer to all such wrap-around textiles that are worn by people especially in the Pacific Islands such as Fiji, Marquesas, Hawaii and Aotearoa.

Wearing Cotton Pareos

Cotton pareos do not have a single way to be worn; they can be worn in many ways. Use your imagination and wear your cotton pareo in your own way. The most conventional way of wearing a cotton pareo or a sarong is by wrapping it around their breasts or around the shoulder or neck, so that the Pareo does not slide down. In many traditions, the significance of covering the lower body (thighs) is more than the upper body. That is why it is usually worn as a long traditional skirt. As mentioned before, men today also wear cotton pareos as a short skirt or they wrap them around as shorts.

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Cotton pareos can also be ideal for couples during quiet and intimate evenings at home. You do not have to use pins or clips to keep the ends of a Pareo intact, all you need to do is make a knot. Knotting is the best and most beautiful way to wear a Pareo, the knot adds to the beauty of the Pareo. Apart from being the favorite garment of many, Pareo textiles are exclusive indicators of the ancient folk art in French Polynesia. Learn more about the evolution of this ancient form of textile on our blog.

The most prominent and strongest feature of cotton pareos is the vibrant colorful designs. They are not only cool and comfy wears, but also aesthetic and alluring. Put on your Pareo with your favorite shell necklace and experience Tahitian tradition. If you do not have one then get one right away.

We have different gorgeous designs to offer, take a look at our great range of Pareos and get the one that you have been missing for so long. Once you get your Pareo, you will know what you have been missing and you cannot live without it anymore. Our Pareos are different; they are wearable arts to express your true personality. The way you wear our Pareo is an expression of your inner beauty.

Cotton Pareos Manufacturers

We at Madhav International manufacture cotton pareos, silk pareos, viscose pareos and rayon pareos using the finest and the highest quality of material. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with start of the art technology. Quality monitoring is above all priorities, assuring that our customers get the best Pareos.

Our Cotton pareos have the most attractive and unique prints, color fast and can be machine washed and dried.

The cotton pareos and sarongs are made in many many colours, prints which suits all seasons and which meets the requirements of the end user in all respect.

They are made in sizes as per the customer requirements.

Madhav International, giving you a chance to live your Tahitian dream.

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