We have very wide variety of new collection of Suede Waist Bags and would like to share the same with you.


These leather products we make in different designs, shapes and sizes in different colors and various finishes.


These bags are always in demand around the year due to its usage, utility and the amount of pockets they have.


In this we have complete in-house manufacturing of leather waist and belt bags  and can customize the logo on the bags as well. In them we are using very high quality zippers, sliders, pullers, lining, belt and buckles thus making them 100% safe, secure and strong.


Now you please need to specify what you actually are looking for as we do them in large variety of sizes, colors, designs, shapes and materials.

Further to enable us to give you our best of prices. So we need to know the following:-

1.    What quantity you actually need.
2.    Which mode of shipment to follow i.e, Air / Sea
3.    Door to door delivery or port to port delivery
4.    Payment terms.
5.    Any specific packing method.
6.    Any labeling to be done.