We have a new collection of Tichel and would like to share the same with you.

These Tichels we make them in different soft and skin friendly fabrics like organic cotton and silk fabrics with very fast and good colors used in printing. they are not only stylish but also comfortable. Tichel are available in 100% cotton with fringes on the sides to add some more style to it. 

Wear it as a headscarf, or on your neck or hips, it is really fashionable. 


In this we have complete inhouse printing and stitching unit in delhi, india in various designs like large floral design, pajlee designs, polka dot designs, small floral design, busy floral designs, animal designs, beach designs, abstract designs, plain colors, rainbow designs, two tone designs, tie/dye designs etc.

Further is  a very exclusive collection of headscarf with lurex patterns in silver lurex, golden lurex and in straight live, floral patterns etc in different quality of fabric and can be dyed as per customer specifications and demand.


Now you please need to specify what you actually are looking for as we do them in large variety of colors, designs, shapes and materials.

Further to enable us to give you our best of prices. So we need to know the following:-

1.    What quantity you actually need.
2.    Which mode of shipment to follow i.e, Air / Sea
3.    Door to door delivery or port to port delivery
4.    Payment terms.
5.    Any specific packing method.
6.    Any labeling to be done.