Rayon and Viscose Sarongs

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Before we tell you about our specialties let us give you a concise portrayal of this traditional clothing known as a Sarong. Originating from ancient Malay traditions, a sarong is a tube shaped wearable fabric that is usually wrapped around the body and worn. Normally it is wrapped around the waistline as a kit by males and females wear it as a long skirt. If we try to segment geographically to know where sarongs are mostly worn, we will notice that it is largely used in South and South-East Asia, the Horn of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and many islands in the Pacific. Fabrics used to make sarongs usually have checkered patterns and woven plaids. These days, rayon and viscose sarongs are the current rage.

Sarong manufacturing in the modern world

Bright color patterns made with Ikat dyeing make these rayon sarongs vibrant. With advancements in printing technology, modern sarongs today have designs printed onto them. Normally, a Sarong is used as a lower garment worn regularly by people from the previously mentioned parts of the world, including both women and men. The standard Sarong dimensions are; 0.91 m in width and 2.3m in length. The center of a Sarong often has a woven or a dyed pattern, this pattern is call the Kepala or in technical terms it is called the Head of a Sarong. The tube structure is made by carefully stitching the narrow ends of the fabric. The Sarong should be worn in such a way that the hem of the Sarong should be just above your ankles, while the Kapala being at the center of your back. This will allow you to fold the rest of fabric coming from both sides at the center. Sarongs worn by men usually have woven check patterns, while the ones worn by women have dyed patterns.

For women, the most common combination of a Sarong is with a Kebaya blouse. It remains a routine casual wear for men and women of different ethnical backgrounds.  It may have different names in different countries and languages but the actual art and design remains the same. Cultures and traditions are becoming global and spreading to all corners of the world, sarongs which were only worn in certain regions in the past are now becoming a sassy trend around the globe.

How we began manufacturing rayon and viscose sarongs

For Madhav International the idea of jumping into the market as a rayon and viscose sarong manufacturer was more of a sweet coincident rather than a planned endeavor. Sounds strange? Let us tell you how this all happened, let us suppose you have not seen someone in a Sarong for real except for watching someone wearing one on the television, the day you see someone wearing a sarong, that day will leave a permanent impression in your eyes and on your mind. Now you know why we call it a sweet coincident. We had started our firm by designing and manufacturing leather fashion goods and accessories but seeing the changing demands of our customers and consumers, we started diversifying into other fashion products.

We offer the most trendy rayon and viscose sarongs at the most affordable prices. We have the most updated and contemporary range of sarongs available for our valuable customers. Apart from rayon and viscose sarongs, we also manufactured using fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette and mesh. It does not matter what size you are, we have the sarong that will fit you and give you the most gorgeous look.

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