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The world demands new and modern designs of bags, especially Indian leather products which make it a global leader in the leather goods industry. Indian leather is renowned for its durability, suppleness and stylish looks. Indian bags are the most preferred products of India to the world because of its unique designs, luxury and status among the buyers. The demand for these bags has increased in the world over and Indian companies have also made inroads in this global market. Chinese companies that produce replica handbags for export are forced to invest more in research and development to compete with the new and emerging Indian companies.

There is no need to boycott Chinese products, because it is not about the quality or quantity. boycott on the other hand would be futile. What is important is that we do not let the other countries exploit the weaker ones of the world. Let us take a step to boycott Chinese products.

We should join hands to boycott such companies that do not contribute towards better conditions for the working class in their country and in third world countries. Instead of benefiting from cheap labor, these companies exploit it by selling cheap products. What they produce will not befit the people’s needs and instead of giving benefits they run away with their profit.

First, we should learn to differentiate between genuine leather and replica leather. Any leather bag that you see for sale is fake if it is not genuine. The price is also not an accurate representation of the quality. Second, we should join hands with other fashion lovers to boycott such companies. Our solidarity will help make more people aware of the unethical practices of such companies. And finally, we should make sure that we buy only Indian leather products from Indian suppliers.

There are so many countries in the world that are producing leather products. Some countries may produce less number of leather bags while others produce thousands of them every year. Because of such wide-spread production, it has become very difficult to identify legitimate products from replicas. But this task can be easily done with a little effort on your part.

With all the technology around us, it would have been very easy to make our boycott campaign work just like the technology is doing today. But we cannot compare the power of the boycott with the power of technology. This time, our little effort will pay off. We should make sure that we do not ever compromise on the quality of products manufactured by Indian companies.

Use the leather bags supplied by Indian exporters. These leather bags are always better than anything else. You will find that the quality is good and you can buy them for much lower prices than those in other countries. This will save you a lot of money.

Now that you have got all the necessary information on how to do a boycott, you can actually implement the idea. However, there are several things that you should do before you actually start doing something. First of all, you should make sure that you will never buy any kind of leather bag that is not labeled as Indian. If you see some information about the manufacturer, ask her/him about the name of the animal used to create the leather bags. Check if the brand has the approval of the government in India.

Remember that it is illegal to import or export leather goods from abroad if they do not have the approval of the Indian government. Now that you know everything about how to do a boycott, start planning how you can implement your plan. You will need to make a big plan so that you will not miss any deadlines. So, get going!