Madhav International, are a manufacturer and exporter of bandanas for the last 32 years now.

In Bandanas we have a very wide variety of new collections and would like to share the same with you.

These bandanas we make them in different soft and skin-friendly fabrics like organic cotton and silk fabrics with very fast and good colors used in printing.

For plain solid color dyed bandana, we are offering our buyers a special custom shade card where our buyers can select the color for the shawls with the option of more than 600 colors. like black,  white, cream,  beige, brown,  light pink,  rose,  dark pink,  dark turquoise,  light torques,  light blue,  dark blue,  light grey,  silver,  dark grey,  orange, dark yellow,  light yellow,  ivory,  purple,  sky blue, mauve,   onion, etc

In this, we have complete in-house printing factory in Delhi, India wherein various designs like large floral design, small floral design, busy floral designs, animal designs, beach designs, abstract designs, plain colors, rainbow designs, two-tone designs, tie/dye designs, etc. since they are in need for multiples usage and occasions. 

As we have complete inhouse printing, we provide OEM service as well where we print the scarf based on buyer size requirement, color requirement, design requirement, specifications, etc

In these, there is the standard size of 50cms x 50cms, 55cms x 55cms with single-piece polybag packing and are ideal for promotional selling as well.

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