Our quality is the best form of Advertisement.

Cosmic Designs

For our Textile Accessories & lining, we work with some of the best mills industries in India for variety of fabrics and other multiple stages of production like printing, dying, sourcing is checked and supervised by our quality checkers at every level.

The complete processing at tanneries & looms is checked and supervised so that production and quality is consistent and helps in decreasing rejections.

To execute the above we have a team of quality checkers and assurers who ensure that Our in house manufacturing of the leather products and textile accessories that are produced have zero defects as well as compliance with the brands or labels of the countered to which they are delivered.

Experienced Crafting

Quality is more important than quantity, meeting customers expectations is our utmost importance, integrity is what holds it right. We aim to follow health, safety and environment requirements at our Factory. We aim to ensure that strict quality and perfection is followed by executing policies that will help to meet the expectations of the customers as we have complete in- house manufacturing.

We work with some of the biggest tanneries across India that specialize in different kinds of leather. From South of India, we usually use Lamb and Goat. From North of India, we usually use Buff and Calf. Moreover, we also Import leather from several tanneries from different countries like Turkey, USA, Argentina, Italy, Brazil. For trims & fittings, we have been sourcing with reputed companies that follow international standards of quality across the globe.