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Leather credit card holders and wallets
Leather credit card holders and wallets

Madhav International is inspired by both the traditional leather manufacturing and modern age fashion demands. Combining these two is the key behind our mission.

Putting together the ancient values of leather manufacturing with latest marketing techniques through optimized distribution channels using latest technologies in today’s intensive markets has formed the firm foundation of our company. We are not just claiming it, we feel it. We are really glad to share with you how much we admire leather manufacturing. The level of motivation is intrinsic. It is our passion for leather products manufacturing that enabled us to enter this industry despite the presence of so many barriers. We want you to be part of our mission simply by purchasing a leather product.

Great things always start up small; our business today is a glimpse of tomorrow, a future when our quality will be an indicator of our prominence. Our goal is not to meet your needs like the rest, but to fulfill your leather desires with creativity. The passion for leather products has led our shareholders, management teams and supply channels to be a dynamic player in today’s every changing environment. Any manufacturer can meet domestic needs but we are looking forward to be an internationally recognized brand.

We look for excellence in leather goods manufacturing with respect to quality and elegance. Madhav International guarantees green manufacturing within the limits of environment protection laws having minimum effects on the surroundings. Our focus is not only on product development and manufacturing but on the whole supply network so that we meet the deadlines and do more to optimize the whole supply chain of our leather products manufacturing business. We are not looking for customers but for clients with an everlasting relationship.

The company meets the quality management standards and offers the best working conditions to its employees because we know that our staff deserves the best as they make the best. Our aim is not to be popular through our sales only but to be addressed with golden words. Our values and traditions are an important part of our commitment. Our tradition encompasses the value of leather and its usage, our company may be new but our traditions are centuries old. Evolution is not only about humans but also about all aspects of life.

Styles have evolved too, change is inevitable so is the change in customer requirements. We are ready to meet the ever changing needs of our customers that are related to fashion and wear. Though everything is changing but we promise to keep our craftsmanship as pure as the ancient leather making. Typical traditional leather products to modern age fashion accessories, we offer all. This characteristic makes us different than the rest.

The range of designs of leather wallets, leather bags, leather ladies wallets, credit card holder, leather gloves, leather coin purses are made as per international specifications and in colors as per customer requirements in Cow hide leather and soft lamb skins.

Our technologies are state of the art but our manufacturing is traditional. We can make leather products just the way they were made in the past but thanks to new technologies we can respond to customer demands better than before.

The philosophy will never alter but our quality will improve further, thanks to our research intensive system.

The leather is made and finished under strict quality norms to keep the product made our very customer friendly so that all international standards are met with.

The leather used in leather wallets, leather bags are soft and in variety of colours and shades.





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