Import Export Background of Leather Industry In India

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Import Export Background of Leather Industry In India

Leather Industry & Import Export Background has a great potential to strengthen India’s economy. The leather industry contributes significantly to the Indian economy. As demand for leather products & accessories is increasing rapidly, the Indian Leather Industry is also growing like any other business entity in the country. The Leather Industry makes use of all the advanced technological advancements and tools to cater to the rising demand for leather products from all over the world.¬†

Growth of the Leather Industry & Import Export Background. Leather exporters can be grouped into two categories based on the type of exports they indulge in. Export-oriented or Major Exporter and Importers, who export goods to almost all major destinations in the world, have a direct competition with Leather Manufacturers. Leather Manufacturers are leveraging their massive Leather resources, which are widespread all over the world.

Growth of the Leather Industry & Import Export Background:

The Leather Industry exports products to almost all countries around the globe. Some of the most important Leather exporting nations are US, Japan, Italy, China, South Africa, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Hong Kong, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Italy, Russia, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and UAE. Each of these countries has their own exportable Leather goods that can be traded and imported in any form like grains, skins, animal hide, leather shoes, furniture items, motor vehicles and aircraft etc.

Growth of Leather Importers

Today India is one of the largest Leather importing and export destinations in the world. There are many large Leather importers and exporters from around the world. They take care of the entire Leather supply chain starting from raw material gathering, tanning, manufacturing, finishing, packaging, dispatch, insurance, selling and distribution.

Leather Products Exporting 

There are several Leather exporters in India and abroad. These Leather exporters ship directly or by sea to almost all major worldwide destinations like Europe, North America, South America etc. And one of the best places for the import and export of Leather goods is India. The Leather export market in India is also witnessing an increase with new projects like Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and Special Economic Zones coming up in different parts of the country.

In India, Leather products are readily available in the retail form like Leather bags, Leather slippers, Leather wallets, Leather belts, Leather Watches etc. However, there is a big difference between the retail and wholesale Leather products that you can get locally and internationally. All these Leather Industry professionals have their own objectives and margins. All the Leather exporters and Leather Import Export Contractors want to sell their Leather products, but with their individual margins and goals. It is very important to understand how the Leather Industry works before investing your money in it. In this context, knowing the Leather export history is of extreme importance.