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What Makes Madhav Leatherhouse - Best Leather Products Exporter In India

Madhav International is a Leather Product Manufacturing company in Delhi, established in 1985, and since then it’s never stopped growing. It is now one of the leading producer and exporter of leather products in India. We have our main office in Delhi. We became one of the prime leather product manufacturers and exporter in Delhi in a very short period of time. We only made product with exclusive leathers and providing timely delivery as for us serving our customer on time is everything.


Popular Leather Products and Accessories to Look for In Madhav Leatherhouse:

Our eye-catching collection of leather goods and unique design make us different from others. We believe in perfection and we never compromise in quality. We design various leather products such as leather wallets, ladies purses, cardholders, handbags, leather belt, and designer shoes for both men and women, executive bags, leather files and folders, jackets, corporate gift items and many more. Wearing a leather product is the latest trend among youth

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Why choose Madhav leather House for Leather Goods Manufacturing and export ?

Leather product is always considered as a luxury item as it’s considered expensive by almost everyone. But though the leather product is expensive, the prices of these products never affect its demand. Earlier leather used to make only shoes or cloth but today leather is used in the manufacturing of everything from furniture to daily wear and that is the reason behind the growth of leather industries.

Nowadays, the leather business is one of the most revolutionized businesses in the whole world. Leather products are not only charismatic; it’s durable also compare to other product such as plastic or cotton. The leather product such as leather belt, leather bag, leather jacket and shoes is always in demand among youth.

We are one of the Leading Leather product manufacturers in India. We make various leather products such as leather clutch, leather Cardholder, Apron, Car Keyholder, Decorative Item made up of leather, Cosmetic Bag, Biker Pouch etc. We are the best manufacturer of leather bag, leather backpack and leather purse. We are the best because we never copied anyone, we only believe in creating unique thing and that is the reason we are best in this field. Each and every product of our company is designed by a well-qualified designer from Pearl Academy of Fashion. Most of our product is made up of Lamb and Goat leather; we also use Buff and calf leather. We also import leather from some of the best Leather producing country such as China, the USA, Turkey, Argentina, Italy, Brazil. Trimming & Fitting is one of the critical parts for creating a good leather product, so for this, we only trust companies that follow international standards of quality across the globe. Our idea of processing this item is so good that we were able to cut our manufacturing cost so that this product can be affordable for everyone. With our modern production technique, you will be able to save lots of money which can be used in further activity, such as at the time of shipping. We manufacture a leather product as well as we are the distributors of leather goods from India. Know More about US


We believe in doing rather than talking, that is the reason we always keep ourselves updated with the latest in fashion. We have talented designers from All over India and abroad who help us develop the latest designs. We also design the product according to our customer needs and wants. Our reputation in this industry is appreciated by everyone because of whom we have a cordial relationship with the biggest leather exporter in India and abroad. So the question of shortage of supply of raw material never arises. We can fulfill any order as we deal in bulk. We have served many customers till dates without any complain. Our leather products are loved by almost everyone. Italy, Europe, the USA, China, Australia, Brazil are some of the countries where people loved to buy our products.

Packaging is one of the key USP of our company as we value the time and money of our customer. Therefore we also provide the customer with an easy packaging facility that handles all the packaging and coding of the products. We use all kind of packaging material such as individual cardboard boxes, woven bags, branding, barcoding. We produce leather goods based on our buyers' preferences in which we gave them the facility of the custom logo which can be embossed on bags, metal logo on bags etc. So our each and every product is designed keeping in mind the choice of our buyer. We also use price ticketing that helps the buyer receive the product straight from the factory to the retail units. We as a leather product manufacturer company in Delhi assist you by providing leather exporters in India that will help you in your leather export business. The product made by us is not only attractive infect it is the best in quality. We never compromise in quality as for us quality is more important than quantity. Therefore we have an all in house integrated production facility right from the tanning of leather to finished products complete with packaging and bar-coding. Satisfying our customer and building a strong relationship with them is our prime goal. As for us “A happy & satisfied customer is like a profit-making machine”

Even though there is less demand for leather goods in India comparison to The Overseas market. India is one of the prime exporters of leather. According to an online database, Indian buyers aggregate for a share of about 3% of the worldwide leather importers. In Europe the demand for Indian made leather product is huge. Unlike other leather Exporter in India, We at Madhav Leatherhouse keep updating our technology because of which we have become a brand in the world of leather product manufacturer in India. We don’t make promises but we always tried to do our best. We are fully equipped to cater to buyer’s requirement in terms of quality, quantity and timely shipment. Because of this goodwill only, we have customers from all over the world among which the USA, Europe,Australia, China are our all-time buyer hub. We are the leading leather product manufacture in India; we will never let you down if you choose us. At first, we can be your choice but after getting our service we will surely become your ultimate choice.

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