Different Types of Leather Goods and Accessories ?

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History Of Leather Goods and Accesories

This takes us to ancient times in Stone Age , where ancient man used to hunt animals for their Skin and Food. The Reason being was their adaptability to survive , and animals skin being tough and durable , helped them to survive harsh winters and summers . Leather Utensils, Leather Coins, and painting with leather Brushes , contributes to the History of leather . Wide Variety of animals that were used in the early times for their skin , includes, squirrels, rabbits, beavers, goat, deer, camels and even alpacas. As the human beings evolved from ancient to middle ages, things like footwear, clothes, bags, cases, trunks and saddles were being made from using animal skin . It was during this time only 1545, that Leather was started to be used for Military Purposes. Madhav Leather House has been in this business Since 1989 , to know more check our About Us Section.


Different Types of Leather

A Research was conducted all over the world , and studies suggest that 55% of the Leather comes from Cows, 20% of the Leather comes from Sheep, 10% of the Leather comes from Pigs, 10% of the leather comes from Goats and the remaining 5% of the leather comes from other types of animals

One of the Most Durable & Fine leather comes from Cow Skin and a preferred choice of leather for Jackets, Coats & Furniture .

Sheep Skin Leather is second most best leather after Cow Skin leather and is mainly used for making Slippers and Rugs due to its Fleece Nature .

Pigs leather are much more thicker & is water resistant and therefore it is used for making Gloves, Shoes and Sportswear .

Goat Skin is thinner for all the other animal skins and therefore it is very soft and is widely used for Gloves, Bags and Rugs.

Snake , Crocodile & Alligator skin is categorized as Exotic Leather Skins , and is banned in many regions of the world . Asian Countries are the only one in the world to use exotic leather skin .

Ostrich Skin is another famous form of Skin mainly used for designer clothes and is largely imported from Africa


Various Leather Goods & Accessories

No Matter , how the leather is sourced has been a objectionable question over the years for most of the countries , but leather obsession amongst people has grown rapidly over the years. Leather is widely used , from car seats to leather balls, to footballs, to handbags, purses etc and there is no alternate to it, till date . Let's Dive into , Various Leather Goods & Accessories : To Know more , Click on the Items below

Leather Goods and Accessories forms a versatile charm for People of all types of ages. The Most worn outfit of the winters is Leather Jackets such as bomber, perfecto, barns and trench coats which has a aura of its own. Amongst the women, Leather Handbags, Leather Designer Shoes forms their Fashion Statement